Schwan Projekt GmbH

Specialist planning office for food processing companies

Food processing plants have particularly high requirements for planning and construction.

Hygiene regulations and fire protection measures must be strictly adhered to.
When building cold storage rooms, optimal thermal insulation is essential.

Planning parameters

  • Hygiene
  • Optimum insulation for cooling and storage rooms
  • Fire protection for kitchens, bakeries, smokehouses
  • Attractive salesrooms


Hygiene regulations must be taken into account from the very beginning of planning.
An operation that can optimally dry out through skilful planning with the correct dirnenioning of the technical systems will always achieve the highest level of hygienic conditions.
New and constantly improved materials make planning easier on both sides.

Surfaces that are clad or painted with materials with the so-called lotus effect are easy to clean – dirt simply rolls off.

Productivity & Efficiency

Nothing is more unproductive than long distances. Incorrectly arranged rooms, a cumbersome production flow or insufficient cooling capacities have a detrimental effect on the profitability of a company.
Product quality suffers, which results in a loss of image for the company concerned.
Staff routes must therefore be designed in such a way that employees can change, wash and safely store their clothes in the social rooms within a short distance. It must also be possible to bring goods directly from production to the cold storage rooms.
For both new buildings and extensions or conversions, it is important to design the floor plans in such a way that the flow of operations is efficient and there are no unnecessary routes.

Modern wall claddings that are resistant to impact and scratches make the human eye tire later. This increases productivity.

The cleaning of the building must also be taken into account when planning effective routes.
Every facility has to be cleaned and sometimes disinfected on a daily basis.
For this purpose, centralised, decentralised, but also mobile cleaning stations are available in the high, medium and low pressure range.
The ideal solution is the perfect interplay of materials, machines and the optimal floor plan.

Financing & funding


If you are planning a building project, you need to consider financing, possible subsidies and later expansion options in advance.