Schwan Projekt GmbH

Specialist planning office for shop and warehouse construction

Food processing plants have special requirements for planning and construction.
Above all, hygiene regulations and fire protection measures must be strictly adhered to. ,
Climatic challenges are another important aspect. Good thermal insulation is essential for cold storage rooms.
Wrong planning in all these areas leads to unnecessarily high additional and operating expenses.

Planning parameters

  • attractive sales areas
  • sufficient storage space
  • access roads and parking spaces
  • Flow of goods
  • Light and air conditioning
  • Social rooms for employees and customers


Salesrooms must be attractive to customers, both outside and inside.
There must be enough space for goods presentation, but also for stock.
A pleasant atmosphere invites people to linger.

All this is achieved not only through good insulation and air conditioning, but also through attractive and bright interior design.

Well thought-out room concepts

Optimum utilisation of the available space is the most important requirement here.
Products should be displayed or stored as advantageously and attractively as possible. They must be clearly arranged, protected and ready to hand at all times.
The presentation of goods should arouse the customer’s interest and encourage him to buy…

Room height concepts, intelligent storage and shelving systems, space-saving wall and ceiling constructions influence the planning right from the start.


Unseen and separated social areas for staff and customers, fire protection regulations and escape routes must be observed.

Financing & funding


If you are planning a building project, you need to consider financing, possible subsidies and later expansion options in advance.